A dream

A dream…

I have always been passionate about the business of fashion as my mother’s family were spinning and weaving, and still are knitting, crocheting and tailoring at 83 and 86 years of age. It fills me with pride and excitement to know they see me following this path of designing and crafting garments for new mothers!
Growing up I learnt an appreciation of skill from the shearing of sheep on my grandmother’s farm, the spinning of wool into yarn and then knitting it into sweaters, scarves, hats, mittens and socks for the whole family. I was very proud wearing them, and felt safe and snug in the snowy and blustery Romanian winters.
 I fondly remember me as a little girl on my summer birthday, when my grandaunt, who was the village tailor, made me the most beautiful dress: long and flowy with colorful pencils on white fabric with appliqué white flowers.
 I was mesmerized by the intricate bead art on my grandmother’s traditional costumes that she weaved, cut and sew herself! I secretly arranged for the beaded art to be dismantled into other pretty things!  Read: sneaked into the guest room, where the costume was kept and mercilessly pulled some of the beads with my teeth, to make myself a bracelet!
Many years later, as a new mum, during my breastfeeding journey with our two children, I would have been out, in public, at the doctor, in the park, at the playground, at a family gathering or event, at church, and my little ones would need to be fed. I felt very vulnerable and aware of being watched, of people's looks or comments; I would have had major difficulty in finding appropriate nursing clothing and used to fiddle with a nursing cover so my skin wasn't exposed. This was a time of reflection and change, as it is for all new parents. And it was this motherhood experience what returned my line of thinking to finding practical solutions to everyday challenges.
Our children are now 6 and nearly 4 years old, and for the last 2 and a half years we have researched and planned, tried and tested, and opened our very own clothing production studio, to serve the wonderful new mum.
This is what inspired us to create Mum & About, and we hope to be at your service, on your own motherhood journey.
We strongly believe that new mothers are sensational, amazing and strong, and have the right to access flattering dressing choices, just like any other women!