Things to do

How could we ever make up to these unsung heroes, for their superhuman effort and sacrifice? One of the most eloquent and humble accounts comes from my colleague Niina Jarvenkari, who had been redeployed to look after our most vulnerable in this crisis (posted with her permission). 

"It is over and out, last shift on a Covid unit for me done. I know it’s not over, the virus does not have knowledge of country borders and passports is very much out there but here we are lucky to be moving into phase of opening. I get back to my normal service where waiting for me are waiting lists, backlog of cancelled surgeries and patients who are even more frightened now than they were before.
I did not want to be part of global pandemic, be on a front-line, to play a hero, that was not on my list of things to do. I wanted to be a nurse and with that and skills and training that comes with it, I would have not been able to rest easy had I not thrown myself at it regardless being petrified and that’s what we did.
There is lot we can do now, just simply be a decent human being. Be kind to those who are coming out of cocooning like Bambi on the thin ice, buy a pint to your artist friend who does not know when their next gig is, buy a extra coffee from independent coffee shop and put the spot in your local pub and show your love when they are figuring out can they keep the doors open.
Most of all lads, do not mess this up. I am old and cranky and the first round was hard and dramatic enough, I am not down for a second one. I do believe second rounds should be saved for things pleasurable, not virus’s #done"


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