Mother and Baby -Giclée Art Print


 Mother and baby Art

The Mother and baby are the focus of our attention.

Whether you breastfeed for a day or for five years, we do not polarize; coming from a place of compassion, we understand that breastfeeding can be a complex commitment and that medically or personally it doesn’t always work out.

As a new mum, whether you just had your first or your third child, you are likely going through a transition process, adapting, with new priorities and responsibilities, possibly going through a change of perspective over life.

There can be so many body changes, so many sleepless nights, so little time to consider and think of yourself, that it often leads to a distorted image of self.

This is why the style solutions we propose are discreet and comfortable; while they also celebrate your post partum silhouette. Designed to help you feel confident and gracious, and more like yourself while you nourish, nurture and comfort your child.

Today we are here to honor and acknowledge your efforts through a delicate artwork, dear breastfeeding mum.

This piece was commissioned for Mum&About by the talented illustrator Diana Tivu, and interpreted through her own lens and senses. Six months and nearly 50 back and forth emails later, the creative process is ready.

Look closely, it is you mum, a moment in time of unspoken beauty and vulnerability.  I see you, and you’ve got this!

This Mum&About Mother and Baby finest Giclee Art Print comes on textured William Turner paper, in two sizes:

  • a 30*40 cm with Mum wearing a soothing floral print dress


  • a 21*29.7 cm with mum wearing an immaculate white dress

This exquisite work of art arrives in a protective cardboard tube packaging, wrapped in acid-free paper, and with a pair of gloves for you to handle it and prevent damage during framing.

Which one is your favorite?

I would love to see how you style it at home!



P.S. I have picked up two Ikea frames at the weekend and assembled it without the picture mount.

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