Dear customer,

I would like to thank you very much for you unconditional support throughout our existence. Together we have experienced a shy start, a pandemic that has left a lot of scars in our conscience, life, businesses and ignited transformations: relationships transformation, communications transformation and our transformation.

And so we have decided to re-organise ourselves. Starting with the design, production and distribution channels. And so, we have separated Mum&About from the healthcare tunics and launched a sister website: I want to mention a nice little story here.

You all know that Mum&About was started from our experience as parents and my experience as a breastfeeding mum of our 7and 5 years old. For weeks we were desperately searching for a name for our healthcare workwear division with no success. We made a list with what we thought represents our values and vision, we came up with cross words, but still no success. Until our son (7), joined mummy & daddy discussions one evening, asking why the commotion? We have explained our dilemma, he took his place on the sofa with his feet up o the wall and his head down and in 10 seconds he said: " What`s so difficult? GFW! GFW for GreatForWork"! and it struck us: so simple, in plain sight, was there to grab it! And it took a 7 year`s old to shade light, to make us see the wood for the trees. Goes without saying he was ecstatic to find that actually he named this business. He just opened a road, a journey that I have no doubt he will enjoy alongside us!

So, yes! Our workwear division, Mum&About`s little sister is here: (GreatForWork). And is full of surprises: the most popular healthcare tunics, our signature reusable face coverings, disposable medical type II face masks, we have developed on request safe, comfortable and elegant work-trousers and we have partnered Ecco to bring you the most comfortable shoe in the world! Just take a pick and let us know your opinion!

Thank you for your continued support 

Kind regards,

Otilia Stan

Founder Mum&About 

Founder GreatForWork