Our Story

From our deep understanding of the journey, and sometimes struggles, of a breastfeeding mum and what she needs to feel both comfortable and stylish while nursing, Mum&About was born.

We’ve designed and ethically produced premium clothing solutions for nursing mums on the go. Whether you’re a new or seasoned breastfeeding mother, we understand your desire to feed and soothe your children, regardless of situation or occasion.

To support you in establishing and continuing your breastfeeding journey we’ve lovingly created nursing essentials and garments that are the perfect compliment to that new mother silhouette. With style in mind, our core values include ethical production, long wearing, quality garments, easy maintenance for the busy mum, comfort and subtle nursing access.

As opposed to the common prevalence of pregnancy clothing that is also breastfeeding friendly, we have focussed entirely on the needs of the new mum. Our clothing is exclusively designed to start you on your breastfeeding journey and last beyond.

Mum&About offers you the freedom to nourish and nurture your children with confidence and in style anywhere. We are here for mum.

Wear the confidence!

Our Mission

Designed exclusively with the nursing mum in mind, Mum&About gives you the confidence to breastfeed with ease, wherever, whenever.

Mum&About garments, from the essentials through to stylish occasional wear, are specifically designed to compliment your new silhouette while you nurture and comfort your child.

Wear the confidence!